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Authored by Shelley Nakopoulos

Illustrated by Emma Nakopoulos


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Emmy Ponak . . . 


Emmy is a character that I've created, based on my oldest daughter and her friends.  In 2008, I had a few different friends’ suggest I write a chapter book for children, based on Emma.  My ready reply . . . "That's already been done.  I can't create another "Junie"."  However, after my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and Emotional Disorders, I realized that there is a notable difference between the chapter books already in print, and what I could offer from my family's personal experience.  

It is my hope that parents who are raising children as interesting as Emmy, will be able to find humor in the daily routines that only someone living through them can fully understand.  I also pray that the child you love so dearly might connect with Emmy, realizing they are NOT alone!

The best part of all????  Just like EVERY child in the world, Emmy is unique.  She wants to be happy, accepted, and loved and strives to meet these goals in each humorous episode we follow her through!

So come along and enjoy Emmy!


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