Author - Katrina Shelley

Katrina, Kat or Shelley????

To make a long story short (or at least to the best of my ability) I started out with the pen name Kat Shelley for my contemporary romances, but after seeing my name in print, I decided that I preferred Katrina.

When my daughter to illustrate for me, I knew it was important to use our actual names on those collaborated titles.  Therefore, Shelley Nakopoulos is the author name of the children titles I have written.


No matter the name written under, this author lives in Western Maryland where she and her husband, Michael, have three wonderful and energetic children.  Katrina has been reading and writing for hobby since the fifth grade and more seriously since the age of seventeen.  As an adult, she FINALLY decided to make a go of her dream.

Facing the daunting task of finding a publisher is almost as tedious as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, so she chose to go the self-publishing route (which has done her ego a WORLD of good).

In addition to her love for reading and writing, Katrina teaches at a church based child care and learning center in a toddler classroom, she loves to sing (in fact sometimes she must be dragged away from the microphone:), visit historical places, laugh with her friends (and family--or anyone else for that matter) and have family "movie" nights.   And, just in case you don't know . . . she is a MAJOR Blockhead (meaning she is CRAZY about the singing group, New Kids on the Block!)

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